I Have Missed You All, Even The Haters; Due To Emergency Medical Situation I Have Been Unavailable Since Late April-May 2014: I Am Returning!!!

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An apology is due to the thousands of people who view this site on  a regular, or semi-regular basis.


This site, blog, or video platform which hundreds of thousands of fans have come to enjoy & trust has not been updated since this past spring due to my being laid out flat on my back. Literally.

In April 2014 I began experiencing the pain and completely debilitating lower back & nerve issue due to a work related injury which left me disabled and caught in the middle of the insurance company refusing to pay for an obviously necessary back surgery.

This work related lower back & nerve injury has steadily grown worse.

The last two and one half weeks of May 2014 found me completely bed ridden with the excruciating pain, and unable to stand on my feet long enough to fry eggs for breakfast.

Twice in June/July I was transported by ambulance from home to hospital, my grandson had to help me up off the floor on the first occasion and the ambulance crew had to remove me from bed the second time.

I have remained hospitalized since then and am now at a medical rehabilitation facility were I have been for the past eight weeks.

I meet with a neurosurgeon next week to discuss what happens next.

I wholeheartedly apologize to the over 2 million visitors to www.7HawksMedia.com this past year. I am amazed, truly amazed that through word of mouth my site/blog/YouTube channel have drawn the interest of so man wonderful Americans who Truly Care about what happens to our nation, the greatest nation on earth.

As soon as surgery has been completed I am returning to the keyboard, Radio Show, Television Show & YouTube videos.

I do not own a laptop computer, other wise this site/blog would not have been unavailable. Thank you for always being here when I needed you, I plan on returning with a vengeance, driven & powered out of my pure love for mankind!


Respect & Honor,

Hermis Yanis, Jr.

September 13, 2014


U.S. Supreme Court Confirms Obama Violated Constitution With Recess Appointments, To Name Just One Of The Many Times This Maggot Has Intentionally Violated Our Constitution!


Arrest The Half Black~Half White, Completely Black Hearted/Black Soul Treasonous Asshole!

Arrest The Half Black~Half White, Completely Black Hearted/Black Soul Treasonous Asshole!


Highest Court: Obama Violated Constitution with Recess Appointments

Posted By Kurt Nimmo | Infowars.com On June 26, 2014 @ 10:00 am In Featured Stories,Infowars Exclusives,Tile

The Supreme Court has attempted to restore balance to the presidency by ruling that President Barack Obama violated the Constitution when he skirted the Senate and made recess appointments in 2012.

Since taking office, Obama has made 32 recess appointments. His record is surpassed by Ronald Reagan, who made 232 recess appointments during his tenure, and Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, who made more than 100 each.

The Court sharply curtailed the practice and nullified action Obama took during pro forma sessions held in the Senate.

Pro forma, Latin for “as a matter of form,” are sessions held when no formal business is conducted in the Senate and the House.

Pro forma sessions fulfill the obligation under the Constitution “that neither chamber can adjourn for more than three days without the consent of the other.”

Senate Republicans have used cursory pro forma sessions to prevent Obama from making recess appointments and circumventing Congress. In response, the Democrat majority in the Senate changed the rules to block Republicans from preventing the appointments.

The ruling by the Supreme Court on Thursday calls into question hundreds of decisions made by Obama’s labor board. The board was dominated by members appointed during recess. A new five member board approved by the Senate will now have to revisit those previous decisions.

The Obama administration argued Congress was on an extended holiday break when the president made his appointments to the National Labor Relations Board.

The Court said the Senate was not actually in recess when Obama acted.

During arguments on Wednesday, Justice Stephen Breyer stated in his majority opinion that a congressional break must last at least 10 days to be considered a recess under the Constitution.


Europe Bans American Apples, Too Toxic To Eat Thanks To GMOs!

Monsanto-David Suzuki-Ph.D-Politicians either stupid or lying


Europe has banned the importation of American apples due to their being poisoned with GMOs. So why are is the American government allowing the American public to be poisoned by the consumption of these banned apples?

Demons employed within the American government have been waging an all-out war on the American people via the poisoning of our food supply with GMOs from companies such as Monsanto, the poisoning of our water supply, and the poisoning of our air supply via the cancer causing chemical spraying from jumbo aircraft daily. Chemtrails are poisoning our people, intentionally.

Unfamiliar with the Chemtrail poisoning assault? Visit: www.geoengineeringwatch.org and witness the science of this intentional poisoning program, compliments of Demons within the U.S. government.



From Christina Sarich, Infowars.com

 Europe Bans American Apples

Posted By Christina Sarich | Infowars.com On June 17, 2014 @ 4:28 am In Featured Stories

It’s sad when one of the biggest ‘super powers’ can’t even export a quintessentially American food to another country because it is too toxic to eat. But apples treated with diphenylamine (DPA), a substance which keeps them from turning brown for months at a time when they are kept in storage, is now a sore spot for importers of American apples.

DPA isn’t harmful all by itself, but it breaks down into carcinogogenic elements. It’s been used since 1962, but was banned in the European Union in 2012 since producers couldn’t answer inquiries about its safety. European food safety regulators wanted more information on it, but none could be summoned. The apple industry simply responded with one study “that detected three unknown chemicals on DPA-treated apples, but it could not determine if any of these chemicals, apparently formed when the DPA broke down, were nitrosamines.”

British scientists, John Barnes and Peter Magee, in 1956, reported that dimethylnitrosamine produced liver tumors in rats, and later went on to test other nitrosamines and N-nitroso compounds. They found that the compounds caused all kinds of problems, including liver cancer, lung cancer, and even botulism.

“Nitrosamines occur commonly because their chemical precursors–amines and nitrosating agents–occur commonly, and the chemical reaction for nitrosamine formation is quite facile. Research on the prevention or reduction of nitrosamine formation has been productive, and most of the items shown in the table contain considerably lower amounts of nitrosamines than they did a few decades ago.”

Caution: GMO, Non-Browning Arctic Apple Coming Soon

No wonder European officials were concerned. In 2012, they slashed the allowable levels of DPA on apples to 0.1 parts per million, but now they don’t want those gleaming, spot-free apples normally seen on super market shelves in the States, at all. DPA residues were found on over 80 samples taken from US imports, with an average reading of .42 parts per million, well above their ‘allowable’ level.

Funny then, how the U.S. EPA Office of Pesticides tasked with reviewing all pesticides and chemicals on our agricultural produce told the EWG that they had no idea their was a ban on DPA. The EPA then had the nerve to tell the EWG that they had no intention of reviewing DPA safety standards, in light of European’s refusal to eat our poisoned fruit.

Reminds you of the Snow White fairy tale, doesn’t it. Here, little lady, eat the fruit. The Europeans said no thanks, and the rest of us would be better off getting our apples from a bunch of cutely named dwarves.

Additional Sources:


This post originally appeared at Natural Society


URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/europe-bans-american-apples/

Those Islamic “Religion Of Peace” Extremists Are At It Again, Showing The World Their True Tolerance, Love, And Peaceful Ways; By Slaughtering Christians!



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Extremist Members of the self proclaimed Tolerant, Loving, “Peaceful Religion” of Islam are once again demonstrating to the world their Kind, Loving, Tolerant and Peaceful ways: by murdering Christians.

The often “Misunderstood” Islamic extremists claim they are simply ridding the world of people who fail to see how peaceful Islam truly is.

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In their latest display of Loving Peacefulness, Muslim extremists slaughtered at least 30 Christians during the peaceful religionist’s attack on a Christian Church at a refugee camp in the Central African Republic capital of Bangui.

Savages, no matter their affiliations- religious or otherwise-  deserve NO protection nor respect. Not even from the muslim brotherhood member residing in America’s White House!

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While the burning of a koran may cause an uproar, the burning of a Bible is considered acceptable by Islamic extremists, including their biggest cheer leader, and muslim brotherhood supporter/financier: Barack Insane Obama.

Full Story Here.

Illegal Alien Barack “Insane” Obama Scolds Americans Who Distrust His Government, Despite His Being Caught in Countless Lies To The American People!


America's Greatest Threat! Click Image For Larger View

America’s Greatest Threat! Click Image For Larger View


Barack “Insane” Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist gang-banger is urging what he called “wrongheaded” Americans to place more trust in the government!

This illegal alien who calls himself an American should be in prison serving the rest of his natural life for crimes against America & Americans, yet he’s allowed to roam free and spew his muslin hate speech while destroying what is left of America’s resources and our bought and paid for-(with the blood of REAL Americans)-freedoms!

This Anti-American bitch is a disgrace to America and humanity as-a-whole.

Placing ANY amount of trust in the muslim brotherhood cabal residing in the White House is detrimental to America’s future.

As Americans, it it our obligation to question our government-our supposedly elected officials. 

With all the LIES Obama has been caught telling, To place ANY trust in the Obama administration/government one would have to be mentally retarded to even entertain such a thought!

Barack “Insane” Obama has proved himself to be America’s greatest threat!

That bitch should have been imprisoned long ago! 

Read article by Paul Joseph Watson of infowars.com Here.

Al Qaeda Swine Calls For Scum Bag “Militants” To Kidnap Americans; These Scum Bags Must Be Wiped Off The Face Of This Earth By America!


The Al Qaeda Pig al-zawahiri


When Will America Clean The Earth Of These Scum Bags, Once And For All?


From Yahoo News:

Dubai (AFP) – Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has called in an interview for militants to kidnap Westerners, especially Americans, to exchange them for jihadist captives.

In the second part of an interview with Al-Qaeda media arm As-Sahab, which the US-based SITE monitoring service said a jihadist posted on Twitter, Zawahiri was asked what Muslims should do to free militant prisoners.

“I advise them to capture Westerners and especially the Americans as much as they can, to exchange them for their captives,” he replied.

In the first part of the interview, released on April 19, the Al-Qaeda chief called for unity amid widening divisions with a rival jihadist organisation rooted in the Syrian civil war.

Zawahiri succeeded the late Osama bin Laden as leader of the global terror network in 2011.

Read Article Here.

Muslim Cleric Spews All-Too-Common Islamic Hate Speech, Claims 9/11 Documentary is “Greatly Offensive” To Members of His “Faith”



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Muslim imam (the equivalent of self-imposed/self-ordained priest, just because he says he is) Mostafa Elazabawy is flapping his grandstanding terrorist pie-hole with “his” claims that a seven-minute “documentary” on 911 narrated by NBC news anchor Brian Williams will “greatly offend” members of his faith.

This self-imposed cleric idiot objected to the film “The Rise of Al Qaeda” calling the 9/11 murderous muslim terrorists “Islamists” and referring to their murderous American/Christian hating mission as “jihad.” The film is part of the 9/11 Memorial Museum at the base of 1 World Trade Center which is set to open May 21.

This moron’s verbal vomit included, in part: “Unsophisticated visitors who do not understand the difference between Al Qaeda and Muslims may come away with a prejudiced view of Islam, leading to antagonism and even confrontation toward Muslim believers near the site” 

Difference between Al Qaeda and Muslims? 

ALL the Al Qaeda members participating in the attacks of 9/11 and all attacks on Christians, Americans, and free societies worldwide WERE & ARE Islamists! 

Unsophisticated visitors? 

As opposed to the ultra sophisticated Al Qaeda & Muslim Brotherhood savages killing people simply because they have different religious beliefs than they. Murdering Christians and their children worldwide, in the name of their “sophisticated” religious deity who according to history was a child molesting pedophile rapist.

I suggest Mostafa Elazabawy, and any and all Islamists whom believe they are being wrongly aligned with Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, stand up and take to the streets and vocalize their contempt and disgust with the violent and savage atrocities being committed worldwide by their fellow Islamists….. I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!

The old saying “Tell me with whom you associate and I’ll tell you whom you are” applies ten-fold here.

During an August 22, 2010 Rally involving supporters and opponents for the then proposed building of a large mosque near “ground zero” (the site of the 9/11 savagery inflicted by Islamic terrorists) muslim Doctor Ali Akram  called those opposing the building of the mosque, practically on the 9/11 site itself, “un-American.”

The terrorist supporting Doctor went on to say “They teach their children about the freedom of religion in America-but they don’t practice what they preach.”

Practice what we preach?

Muslim/Islam is being sold to the world as a religion of peace as countless of Islamists are murdering Christians. Slaughtering Women and Children. Americans and America are under attack by ruthless Islamists hell-bent on forcing their “religion of peace” onto mankind.

How about Islam practicing what is being preached in its name: PEACE!

When shit bags like Mostafa Elazabawy and his followers are “greatly offended” by the wholesale slaughtering of innocent Christian Women and Children, the slaughtering of Americans, the destruction of anyone or anything standing for freedom and goodness; when they begin protesting and voicing disgust/disapproval/their offence of the evil savagery embodied deep in the souls of their Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood families, then they will be seen as respectable and well meaning human beings.

Until then, I say: Shut the fuck up Elazabawy and followers! 

Read article here.





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From Homeland Security to, TSA, FBI, CIA, NSA, NASA, IRS, Bureau of Land Management, Forestry, Congress, Senate, White House, President; America’s “elected servants” have sanctioned themselves Supreme Rulers of the American People!

This new age form of evil gone wild must be stopped in its tracks! These self-centered, narcissistic, deranged parasites must be arrested for their criminal and total disregard for the rights of Americans, our way of life, and our property!

With the Obama administration rewarding government employees and elected “officials” for their unjustified assault on all things American, the first terrorist placed under arrest should be none other than the evil ruler/rewarder himself: Barack Hussein Obama, America’s biggest threat and terrorist-in-chief!

One of terrorist Obama’s evil cartel, the Bureau of Land Management, recently bathed themselves in the blood of cattle they slaughtered during their evil attempts to illegally, and forcefully, take the land legally owned by the Bundy family in Nevada.

Remaining quiet while Obama unleashing his demons upon Americans in the hopes the Devil-in-chief will spare those who remain silent as their families, friends and fellow Americans is not only spineless and stupid wishful thinking; its playing into the Devil’s hand. Not to mention that scum bags remaining quiet in the face of these atrocities only empowers the school yard bullies currently having their way with the American people!

The time has come for action! We Americans must put a stop to these parasites! EVERY American must contact his/her U.S. Senator & U.S. Congressman and DEMAND Arrests be made of these criminals hiding behind the veiled protections of “Public Office” or “Appointees”.

And should our representatives fail to take action, we must forge forward and demand THEIR arrests!



Bundy Family Uncovers Suspected BLM Cattle Grave

From Prison Planet Dot Com: Posted By admin On April 20, 2014 @ 6:08 am 

“I feel that this needs to be put out for the public to see”

Mikael Thalen
Prison Planet.com
April 20, 2014

A new photo released by the Bundy family Sunday provided more evidence to the claim that the Bureau of Land Management was illegally killing and burying confiscated cattle.

Posted to the official Bundy Ranch Facebook page [2], the gruesome image shows several dead cattle being removed from a makeshift grave discovered just this weekend.

“Digging up 1 of the HUGE holes where they threw the cows that they had ran to death or shot,” the picture’s description reads. “I feel that this NEEDS to be put out for the public to see.”

The picture backs up reports by several people including Nevada assemblywoman Michele Fiore, who commented on the BLM’s cattle graves last Tuesday.

“Near their compound, right off the highway, they were digging holes (…)… They tried to bury some cows on the compound, but I guess they didn’t dig the hole deep enough, so throw a cow in and they dirt over him and you have cows legs cows’ legs sticking up out of the dirt,” Fiore said [3].

Although the BLM’s court order only permitted the agency to seize Bundy’s cattle, federal agents have thus far already admitted to shooting and killing two prized bulls [4], claiming the animals were a “safety hazard.”

Video from the area also revealed [6] holes in water tanks, a smashed tortoise burrow, as well as destroyed fences and water lines.

“They had total control of this land for one week, and look at the destruction they did in one week,” Corey Houston, family friend of Cliven Bundy, told Fox News last week. “Nowhere in the court order that I saw does it say that they can destroy infrastructure, destroy corrals, tanks … desert environment, shoot cattle.”

Separate images taken from an airplane [7] also uncovered hundreds of cattle stuffed into small pens on a BLM compound, prompting the FAA to order a no-fly zone [8] over the area.

Despite a clear and violent overreach by the BLM, Nevada Senator Harry Reid has responded to the incident [9] by calling Bundy and his supporters “domestic terrorists.”

“There were hundreds, hundreds of people from around the country that came there,” Reid said at an event in Las Vegas. “They had sniper rifles in the freeway. They had weapons, automatic weapons. They had children lined up. They wanted to make sure they got hurt first … What if others tried the same thing?”

Unsurprisingly, proof of automatic weapons being present during the stand off between peaceful protesters and the BLM was not provided by Reid. Video of the incident [10] also clearly shows only men and woman, most of whom were unarmed, lined up peacefully.

Whether it be assaulting a cancer survivor [11], attacking a pregnant woman, tasereing protesters, killing animals or unleashing an attack dog, all extreme behavior has exclusively come from the BLM.

Service With A Smile & Good Old Fashion Warmth & Respect Found At “Golden Donut” In Worcester, Massachusetts


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This page is mostly dedicated to calling attention to the injustices suffered by people at the hands of their/our oppressive, evil, governments which have been over-run by low-life scumbags otherwise know as congressmen-senators, vice president and president.

On occasion this page also features articles regarding my personal experiences visiting small businesses which help resuscitate my optimism in humanity which as of late, has been dying a rapid death. Such was the case during my visit yesterday at “Golden Donut” on Blackstone River Road in Worcester, Massachusetts, thanks to the genuine goodness & upbeat friendliness of my servers Maissa & Jill Marie.

In need of a fresh cup of coffee & a sandwhich between appointments I stopped in the newest small business on Blackstone River Road at the intersection of McKeon road.

Upon entering the newly opened “Golden Donut”, I was momentarily stunned by the cheerful & upbeat greeting I received by the two well groomed, wide smiling servers Maissa & Jill Marie.

We live in a time where pleasant and friendly service, warm greetings and tender dialog have been replaced by tension, stress filled faces, and a general sense of hostility.

The staff at “Golden Donut” put a smile on my face, and helped remind me of a time when people treated each other with respect. A time when people welcomed the opportunity to be of service to others and never let pass the opportunity to share a smile and warm greeting with others.

Thank you Maissa and Jill Marie! 

Monsanto: Enemy To Family Farmers, Corporate Clout Chips Away At Organic Standards


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By Alexis Baden-Mayer and Ronnie Cummins Organic Consumers Association, April 2, 2014


The Organic Consumers Association has a long history of defending the integrity of organic standards.

Last September, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), under pressure from corporate interests represented by the Organic Trade Association, made our job harder.

They also made it more important than ever for consumers to do their homework, even when buying USDA certified organic products.

Without any input from the public, the USDA changed the way the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) decides which non-organic materials are allowed in certified organic. The change all but guarantees that when the NOSB meets every six months, the list of non-organic and synthetic materials allowed in organic will get longer and longer.

The USDA’s new rule plays to the cabal of the self-appointed organic elite who want to degrade organic standards and undermine organic integrity. For consumers, farmers, co-ops and businesses committed to high organic standards, the USDA’s latest industry-friendly move is a clarion call to fight back against the corporate-led, government-sanctioned attack on organic standards.

Old rules, new rules

The NOSB, a federal advisory committee appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture, decides what is allowed on the National List of non-organic materials approved for use in organic. Prior to last September’s new ruling, each non-organic material on the list had to be reviewed every five years, using what’s called the “sunset process.” Under this process, five years after a non-organic material was added to the National List, it would be automatically removed, unless a two-thirds majority of the NOSB board voted to keep the material on the list.

The intent behind this process was clear. Maximize flexibility for the organic industry, minimize the use of non-organic materials in organic, and encourage continuous improvement of the organic standard.

But last September, the USDA reversed this process. Now, instead of automatically coming up for review after five years, each non-organic material will automatically—and indefinitely—stay on the National List unless a two-thirds majority of the NOSB board votes to remove it. And that’s not likely to happen, given that the 15-member board of the NOSB is stacked with industry reps who consistently vote with industry against consumers.

Labels help, but . . .

Should you just give up on the organic label? Absolutely not. With all its flaws, USDA Organic is still the only credible and comprehensive certification program in the natural foods marketplace. The new rules mean you’ll have to scrutinize labels more carefully than ever. But even then, you won’t get the whole picture when it comes to non-organic substances in organics.

Certain non-organic or synthetic materials can be used in up to 5 percent of a “USDA Organic” product, and in up to 30 percent of a “Made with Organic” product.

Under the new rules, the list of non-organic or synthetic ingredients allowed at those percentages will likely grow. But here’s something most consumers don’t realize: The National List isn’t just about synthetic and non-organic ingredients that are allowed in food. The list also governs every non-organic material or synthetic material used in the production of organic food, from farm to fork. (Here’s the complete list). As that list, too, grows, organic standards will continue to erode. And as a consumer, you’ll have a difficult time identifying those materials as they won’t be listed on the product’s label. 

What non-organic materials should you look for on food labels? Here are a few of the worst ones: 

Carrageenan, an additive linked to gastrointestinal inflammation and higher rates of colon cancer. More here: http://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/50865/p/dia/action3/common/…

Synthetic nutrients, including DHA and ARA which have been linked to severe gastrointestinal distress, prolonged periods of vomiting and painful bloating. 

Sausage casings made from processed intestines

What won’t you find on food labels, but should be aware that the NOSB has approved for organic? And because of the new rule, likely won’t revisit?

Synthetic methionine: In 2001, the NOSB approved the synthetic version of methionine, a sulfur-based essential amino acid, for use in livestock feed—but only, as the Rodale Institute points out, after organic poultry farmers realized the substance was already in the feed they were using. As long as synthetic methionine remains on the list of approved substances in organics, organic farmers can continue to keep chickens confined. Why? Because, again according to the Rodale Institute, synthetic methionine keeps confined chickens healthy. Take the synthetic out of the feed, and you have to allow the chickens access to outdoor pastures in order to maintain their health. But wouldn’t that be a good thing? 

Genetically engineered vaccines: Genetically modified organisms, and the genetic engineering process itself, are not allowed in certified organic products. But there’s one exception. Genetically engineered vaccines can be used in organic livestock production, on the condition that the vaccines are included on the National List. So which genetically engineered vaccines did the NOSB approve for the National List? All of them. Instead of reviewing the safety of each vaccine individually, as the law clearly intends, the NOSB included all genetically engineered vaccines on the list, as a single group of “synthetic substances.” Now that the sunset process has been weakened, what are the chances of getting genetically engineered vaccines off of the list of approved substances? Next to none.

Antibiotics: Under organic standards, antibiotics can’t be used in animals. But there’s a little-known loophole, applicable only to poultry, that says the standard doesn’t take effect until “the second day of life.” So as it turns out, the eggs that hatch into organic chickens are routinely injected with an antibiotic called gentamicin, which is also used to treat bacterial skin infections in humans. Because of the loophole, the use of gentamicin in organic poultry production has never been subject to the NOSB’s sunset process. The process does, however, govern the use of antibiotics sprayed on apple and pear trees to control something called fire blight.  Under the old rules, the NOSB voted to end the use of those antibiotics—tetracycline and streptomycin—as of October 21, 2014.  But industry is fighting that ruling. If it succeeds, and the NOSB ever re-lists those antibiotics, the changes to the sunset process will make it more difficult than ever to get tetracycline and streptomycin off of the National List of approved substances. 

Mutagenesis: There’s another loophole in the “no genetic engineering in organics” standard. It’s called mutagenesis. In 2011, the NOSB approved synthetic DHA and ARA for use in organics. As mentioned above, these synthetic nutrients, used in baby formula, are linked to side effects. But what you won’t learn from reading the labels on baby formula, or any other product containing DHA or ARA, is that these synthetic nutrients are derived from mutated microorganisms, created through a process called mutagenesis. We believe mutagenesis is a form of genetic engineering, and others support http://www.gmo-compass.org/eng/search/ our position. But when Martek Biosciences Corp., the manufacturer of synthetic DHA, argued that mutagenesis should be allowed because the process is nothing more than a form of classical seed breeding, the NOSB sided with the company. So while consumers can see DHA and ARA on product labels, few will know that they are produced using a technique that has dangers similar to genetic engineering.


 Defending organic standards

The NOSB meets again April 29-May 2, 2014. For the first time, it will be operating under the new rule. The USDA didn’t give the public an opportunity to comment on its change to the sunset process, but that doesn’t mean the agency is immune to public outcry. Starting with President Obama and USDA Secretary Vilsack, we need to press USDA leadership to reverse this disastrous new rule.


Please sign and share our petition: http://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/50865/p/dia/action3/common/…

Alexis Baden-Mayer is political director for the Organic Consumers Association.

 Ronnie Cummins is national director of the Organic Consumers Association.


For Related Articles and More Information, Please Visit OCA’s All About Organics Page, and our Safeguard Organic Standards Page.

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